Data Security Breach Preparedness

As data breaches continue to increase in frequency, sophistication, and severity across all company sizes and industries, businesses must make data security and breach response planning a top priority. With proper preparation and planning, the number of breaches can be limited and more effective breach response and litigation defense strategies can be employed. For large and small businesses alike, it is not a matter of 'if' or 'when'; it is how you prepare and respond. Preparedness and planning are critical to decreasing the costs of the inevitable data breach and have become imperative to operating any business.
While many firms provide breach response and litigation services, Brown & Streza exclusively offers preparedness and planning services to help prevent and mitigate the effects of a data breach.
Brown & Streza can:

  • Review and analyze personally identifiable information (PII) collected and legal vulnerabilities (from a non-technical perspective)
  • Advise you on your data breach response preparedness and planning
  • Prepare and/or update your Incident Response Policy
  • Review your cybersecurity vendor agreements
  • Advise you as to applicable federal and state laws, changes in those laws, industry best practices (where applicable), and changes in your business activities
  • Assist in the selection of Incident Response Plan team members
  • Assist in the selection of data security and data breach vendors and draft agreements for them to:
    • Perform periodic risk and gap assessments
    • Provide incident response services
    • Provide breach mitigation services
  • Prepare or review notification materials
  • Review records retention policies
  • Review information transfer practices
  • Negotiate and draft other vendor and partner agreements to ensure legal compliance and accountability, including required notices, due diligence, liability and indemnification, and responsibility for insurance
  • Negotiate and draft representations and warranties for mergers and acquisitions
  • Brief and train leadership teams and boards of directors
  • Coordinate tabletop exercises and best practices workshops*
    (*Brown & Streza does not offer breach response or litigation services.)

We can also draft privacy policies and notices. Please feel free to contact us for more information.