Nov 13

Written by: Casey S. Hale
11/13/2012 10:01 AM  RssIcon

The Internal Revenue Service recently announced on its website that it mailed a Group Exemptions questionnaire to 2,000 randomly selected central organizations. The Service explains that the questionnaire will help it gather information to better understand how central organizations relate to and report about their subordinate group organizations. Here is a sample of the letter and questionnaire.

There are a couple of interesting aspects to the questionnaire. First, responding to the questionnaire is voluntary. Organizations that receive a questionnaire aren't required to respond to it. Second, a organization may only respond on-line through the Service's website. There's no other method available for an organization to respond to the questionnaire.

As with other compliance checks performed over the past few years by the Exempt Organizations unit, we'll likely see a report at some point based on the data the Service gathers using the questionnaire. Those reports are always informative and interesting and will provide interesting insights into organizations with a group exemption

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