Author: Matt Brown Created: 5/11/2010 1:01 PM
Matt Brown, Partner at Brown & Streza LLP
By Matt Brown on 11/11/2010 6:03 PM

The estate tax, as burdensome as it could be on some family businesses, is rarely the culprit in family business failures.  The culprit is more often the family's failure to adequately plan and to address business succession issues clearly.

By Matt Brown on 11/9/2010 5:06 PM

Good overview article on basic estate planning (although the advice on TOD accounts is generally a bad idea).

By Matt Brown on 6/11/2010 10:47 AM

Making the complex simple is among the most challenging tasks for an estate planning attorney.


One attorney who has done wonderful job of this hosts a website,, that does a nice job simplifying many of the mind-numbing concepts to which estate planning clients are subject.

By Matt Brown on 5/11/2010 4:10 PM

The site listed below is a new, but growing, collection of excellent commentaries on planned giving ethics issues.